Which phones can I use with Chatable?

To set up Chatable, firstly you must install the app from the App Store or Play Store on a compatible device. Chatable is compatible with most popular smartphones. We are continuously working to add more phones and improve our compatibility. If you don't see your phone on this page, please check back soon. 

For information on how to use Chatable, please go to this page: https://knowledge.chatableapps.com/helpcenter/how-to-use-the-chatable-hearing-aid-app

Which devices are compatible with Chatable? 

Apple Devices: 

iPhone SE (2020) iPhone 7 iPad - 6th gen
iPhone 11 iPhone SE iPad - 5th gen
iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 6s Plus  
iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone 6  
iPhone XS Max iPad Pro 12.9  
iPhone XS iPad Pro 9.7  
iPhone XR iPad Mini - 5th gen  
iPhone X iPad Mini - 4th gen  
iPhone 8 Plus  iPad Air - 3rd gen   
iPhone 8 iPad Air 2  
iPhone 7 Plus iPad - 7th gen  


Android Devices:  

Google Mobicell Samsung Xiaomi Huawei Sony OnePlus Oppo Motorola
Pixel Mobicell Hype X Galaxy S20 Mi Note 10 Lite P40 Xperia XZ2 8 Pro Oppo R11 Edge +
Pixel XL Mobicell Fendy Galaxy S10+ Mi 10 P30 Pro Xperia Xz1 8 Oppo A9 2020 Edge
Pixel 2 Mobicell Venus Galaxy S10e Mi 10 Lite Pro P30 -1 Xperia Xz 7T Oppo A9 2020 (128gb) G Stylus
Pixel 2 XL Mobicell Berry 5 Galaxy 9+ Mi 10 Lite Zoom P30 Lite   7 Oppo A5 2020  G Power
Pixel 3 Mobicell Berry 2 Galaxy 9 Mi 10 Lite 5G P20 Pro   6T Oppo A5s (CPH1909) One Fusion
Pixel 3a Mobicel Berry Plus Galaxy S8+ Mi 9 P20 Lite   6 Oppo A83 (CPH1729) One Hyper
Pixel 4 Mobicell X1 Galaxy S8 Mi CC 9 P20     Oppo A72 G8 Power
Pixel 4 XL Mobicell R1 Galaxy A71 Mi 9 Pro 5G P10 / P10 Lite     Oppo A5s G8+
  Mobicell R1 Plus Galaxy A70 Mi CC 9e Mate 40     Oppo A37 F G8
  Mobicell X1 Blue Galaxy A51 Mi CC 9 Pro Mate 30     Oppo A31 G7+
  Mobicell Trendy 2 Galaxy A50s Mi 9 SE P Smart 2017     Oppo A3s G7
  Mobicell Hero Galaxy A50 Note 9 Pro P smart     Oppo A12S Moto G7 Optimo Maxx
  Mobicell X4 Galaxy A40 Note 9 Huawei Nova 5T     Oppo A1k  
  Mobicell Astro Galaxy A31 Note 9 T Pro Huawei Nova 5i     Oppo AX6  
  Mobicell Blink Galaxy A30 Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro (.5 sec) Nova 3i     Oppo F7/11  
  Mobicell Click Galaxy A30s Note 8 Pro Huawei Y9     Oppo X/X2/Lite  
  Mobicell Ego Galaxy A20e Note 8 T Huawei Y7 pro     Oppo K1/3/5  
  Mobicell Glo Galaxy A20 Note 8 Honor 20     Oppo R13/15/17  
  Mobicell Ultra Galaxy A10 Mi 8 Huawei Honor 9x - 1 good, 1 not     Oppo Reno  
  Mobicell Zoom Galaxy A9 2018 model Mi 8 Lite Huawei Honor View 20     Oppo F9  
    Galaxy A8 (2018) Mi 8 SE Huawei Honor Y7     Oppo F5 Youth (CHP1725)  
    Galaxy A8 (2018) model: SM-A530F Xiaomi Redmi 5A        Oppo F3 (CPH1609)  
    Galaxy A7 Mi A3       Oppo Reno3 Pro  
    Galaxy M40 Mi A2       Oppo A13(2020)  
    Galaxy M31 Mi A2 lite       Oppo Realme XT  
    Galaxy M30 Mi Play          
    Galaxy M30s Redmi K20 Pro           
    Galaxy M21 Pocophone F1          
    Galaxy M20 Xiaomi POCO F1          
    Galaxy M10 Xiaomi POCO X2          
    Galaxy M10s            

This list is not conclusive and other phones may run Chatable successfully. However, this is a list of the phones we are sure runs Chatable with optimal performance. 

Which devices are incompatible with Chatable? 
- Samsung Galaxy J series 
- Moto G6
-Samsung S5, S6, S7
- OnePlus 5T
- Old generation Galaxy Notes
- Oppo F11
- Samsung Galaxy M01s
- Samsung Galaxy A10e
- TCT Alcatel 3V